THE bSTRAIGHT System From the Nakagawa Beauty Company has been used in Japan and Korea for over 10 years and they have continually improved their system to make it the best hair straightening system to date.

    bSTRAIGHT formulas utilises negative ions on relaxing and positive ions on neutralising to keep the hair healthy and vibrant compared to other systems

    Why bSTRAIGHT?

    bSTRAIGHT stays straight, unlike some other systems.
    It contains natural oils and ceremides which leave your hair looking and feeling amazing! Other systems can contain silicon’s which have been known to damage cuticles in time. bSTRAIGHT will successfully straighten tinted and highlighted hair. No More BAD HAIR Days!

    With the bSTRAIGHT system there is no need to blow dry and iron hair to straighten it every day, your hair will feel and look great and you will be able to swim, go in the rain and humid conditions, knowing your hair will stay straight and looking fabulous!

    The results really speak for themselves,click here to view some straights that have been done right here, in our salon- no models and no trick photography!

    So WHAT are you waiting for this could be the first step to amazing hair that you have always dreamed of or if you are a salon who wants to become a bSTRAIGHT selected salon, …call us now to make an appointment for a FREE consultation or drop us an email

    Click here for a list of bSTRAIGHT salons.

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